Google Work at Home Ideas
Is it Really about Making Money the "Easy" Way?

There's been so much controversy about Google work at Home "opportunities" on the internet that it's not surprising that people are understandably cautious when looking for information on this topic. But the fact remains that no matter what kind of business you do on the internet today, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to avoid crossing paths with one of the world's most popular search engines.

So, leaving any doubts aside, let's dispel a few common myths around making an income from Google. Note, this is a simple introduction for beginners. If you have prior experience of search-engine marketing, then feel free to skip this section.

  • You Need a Website to Advertise on Google: Wrong. Many people earning a full-time income from Google have never hosted their own sites (although you may well wish to set up your own site once you begin to get a feel for the power of the internet).

  • Making Money from Google is Easy: Wrong. As with any other business, making money in this game takes time, effort and dedication. There are risks and rewards just as in any other business, but you still need to devote significant time to learning the ropes and avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Every website offering Google Work at Home Opportunities are Scams: Wrong again... Although, unfortunately, there are a handful of sites that have damaged the reputation of genuine internet marketers.

Search-Engine Marketing Basics

Google offers multiple ways of making money from it's search engine, but the two most popular (and earliest) methods are still it's AdSense and AdWords programmes. In a nutshell, AdSense ads are those that you come across when you visit a website and see a list of related links with the words "Ads by Google" underneath it. This is a solution designed specifically for website owners who sign up to Google's advertising programme and place selected links on their site. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the links, Google pays the site owner a specified amount (a few pence or cents). Although this doesn't sound like a great deal, this can add up to a substantial income for sites with a large number of visitors.

The second programme which Google calls AdWords is an extremely powerful tool which has been responsible for making (and breaking!) millionaires in the past. Used correctly, AdWords is one of the best income-generating tools on the internet today. But used without caution, it can easily turn into disaster. Fortunately, there are a number of books available both online and offline which take beginners through the complex task of running and managing an effective AdWords campaign. Check the bottom of this article for a list of recommended resources or read on to find out more about.

AdWords is Google's brand name for what is known as "Pay per Click" (PPC) search-engine marketing. Almost all major search engine including the giants such as Yahoo! and Bing have PPC programmes in some form. This is how it works:

  • An internet user searches for something on Google... e.g. "Best dog breeds".

  • Google returns the results of the search and also a list of related ads on the right-hand side of the page. For example, someone searching for "Best dog breeds" may find ads relating to kennels, dog care books or accessories.

  • If the ad is of interest to the person doing the search, he or she will click on the ad to visit that site (and hopefully buy something). For each of these clicks, the advertiser will pay an amount to Google.

  • The difference between the Cost per Click (CPC) and the revenue made from selling anything to the visitor is the advertiser's profit.

The above is an extremely simplistic example of how AdWords work, but we do urge caution before jumping into this game without a detailed and thorough understanding of the system. For a start, if you're new to internet business, then one of the first things you need to be aware of is Affiliate Marketing - especially if you don't have a website of your own and you plan to do business on Google. Click here for a free ebook on everything you'll need to know about Affilite Marketing.

If you really want to go that extra mile and learn the nuts and bolts of search-engine marketing, then we can strongly recommend Google Cash (3rd Edition), one of the first and still amongst the best books you'll ever read on making money through PPC campaigns. Even today, it is still the definitive guide to marketing via Google and a book that we refer to often in our own online marketing efforts. Check it out, you won't be disappointed and you probably won't need another book on this subject again.

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