Grants For Starting Small Business

We get a lot of enquiries on grants for starting small business ventures from our clients. Business finance is understandably one of the main concerns when starting out and survival can depend on having access to cash when it matters the most.

The first two sources to look into are BusinessLink for the UK and the SBA site if you're in the US. Both offer free and unbiased advice on all aspects of your business from funding to startup costs and operations. They also have a number of advisors on hand and drop-in centres where you can take your business plan for review and specialist advice.

But government sources are just one of the places you can look for grants for starting small business ventures. There are a wide number of institutions that cater for specialised sections of socitey e.g. small business grants for women, for work-at-home mothers and members of ethnic minorities.

But whoever you decide to approach for your business funding, bear in mind that: you must present a professional, believable and workable idea up-front. That means doing your research, putting time and effort into your planning and presenting a business plan that makes someone believe that you can succeed with the funding.

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