Importance of Personal Finance

Tools and techniques for effective money-management to ensure your financial wellbeing

It is surprising to see the number of people who do not understand the importance of personal finance and how a lack of money-management can impact all areas of our lives from health and wellbeing to our relationships with our friends and family.

At Ezra Consulting, we take financial maturity very seriously. Not only is this an important skill that everyone should master, it's even more critical for owners of startups and small businesses at a time when keeping a tight reign on finances is critical to success.

In todays world, we are swamped with so many bills, payments, subscriptions and liabilities that it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the big picture. The average family, for example has a typically small number of income streams such as wages, salaries (or business takings) and investment income but the number of outgoings is staggering.

Think about mortgage payments, loans, creadit cards, telephone bills, satellite TV, broadband, council tax, travel expenses and grocery bills and you begin to get the picture.

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"The Importance of Personal Finance"

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