Microsoft Money Software

Microsoft Money software has been withdrawn from the UK in recent years, followed closesly by Quicken, it's main competitor in the Personal Finance software market.

Why both companies decided to pull out of the UK market within such a short space of each other is unknown, but some speculate that rising costs of developing and maintaining the products along with high fees charged for online banking integration played a major part.

Fortunately, the gap in the market has been filled with some reasonable contenders and there are now quite a few substitutes that fit the bill for personal financial management quite nicely.

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Our Personal Favourite

Personal Accountz TOP in Computer Buyer for Ease of Use.

Computer Shopper
Oct 2009 5 stars BEST BUY Award
"Great value, easy to get to grips with and straightforward to use, this is ideal for home finances. It's a great choice for anyone who wants control over their finances, and wins the Best Buy award"

Computer Buyer (Mar 2008 Group Test) GOOD BUY Award

Personal Accounts wins Gold Award from PC Home Magazine
" We recommend Personal Accounts. It is easy to use, quick to input data and create new accounts and a pleasant experience throughout! "

Computer Shopper (Jan 2008 Group Test) "Personal Accountz, is logical, straightforward and comes with a good manual and quick-start guide."

The Independent (5th August 2007) "take personal finance planning one step further..."

Windows XP made easy magazine (August 2007) "8/10 This is the perfect package for those who have yet to take control of their finances."

Macworld Magazine (August 2007) "4/5 Personal Accountz provides a very visual overview of all your finances, with balances, money owing to you and bills to be paid."

Ebay Advisor magazine (July 2007, issue 3) "If you are after a program to look after your money, there are few better than this." - Editor's Choice Award

The Sunday Telegraph (13th May 2007) "This does everything you'd expect including planning a budget and helping you stick to it, as well as giving you an overview of your spending and assessing your net worth." - Money section p14

Computer Buyer May 2007 TOP in Ease of Use comparison survey

The Daily Express 14th March 2007 "Accounting made Simple" - Profile of by Maisha Frost

Computer Buyer March 2007 (May issue) "4/5 voted TOP in Ease of Use."

Computer Shopper February 2006 "4/5 The Accounts window is updated immediately which is one of the software's most satisfying features. Personal Accounts also makes it easy to automate entries for Direct Debits, Standing Orders, regular salary and so on. Quick and easy."

PC Answers April 2005 "85% Overall, 5/5 Value for Money: Personal Accounts is a refreshingly non-overblown Windows program...lightning quick installation...another nice touch is that you can group different accounts together... Personal Accounts is a quick and easy program to use and powerful enough to keep your finances in order."