Site Build It!

How one lone Canadian entrepreneur changed the face of doing business online and introduced a new era of responsible internet marketing

Do a search on Google with the words "SBI Solo Build It" and see what it comes up with and judge for yourself. You do need to include the full search term or Google will take you to the State Bank of India website instead! But it's not banking that we're talking about here.

"Solo Build It" is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur Ken Evoy, a man who has attained almost legendary status among millions of small-business hopefuls across the globe and equally won the scorn of many so-called internet marketing "Gurus".

The fact is that Ken undoubtedly enjoys Guru status within the community, but with one drawback:

His approach and methods are remarkably simple and he calls a spade a spade. No hype, no get-rich-quick-overnight schemes, just plain and honest advice for small businesses

Let's put it this way: the very fact that you're on this page is irrefutable proof that SBI works. At Ezra Consulting, we rely heavily on the no-nonsense, impartial and practical business advice provided by SBI to take the pain out of marketing your business online. It's no surprise that the vast majority of SBI websites rank among the top 3% of sites on the internet today.

If you're thinking of starting business online, or making a presence for your brick-and-mortar business on the internet, then we couldn't recommend a better starting point than SBI.

New Features with SBI 2.0:

With the advent of social networks like Facebook and Myspace and the countless opportunities that it brings for small businesses, SBI has been totally revamped to leverage the best of these emerging technologies and ensure your chances of business success are better than ever!

One last point, which we mentioned before: You wouldn't have landed on this page without the power of SBI. If you're seriously thinking of doing any business online, then we can recommend no better place to start.